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  1. Get an approved Water/Sewer Verification from the Caroline County Health Department Division of Environmental Health.
  2. Apply at our office for a building permit. Click on What You Need to Apply for a list of information you should have available at the time of application.
  3. Your permit application will be reviewed in our office and will be held until all approvals from any other applicable agencies (i.e. Department of Public Works, State Highway Administration, Soil Conservation, etc.) have been received.
  4. After all approvals have been received an inspector from our office will perform a Preliminary (Stake Out) Inspection.
  5. If the Preliminary Inspection is passed, then the permit will be issued and construction can begin. Building inspections are performed by an agency contracted by the County.
  6. After the permit is issued it is valid for one (1) year. If the permit is not completed within the year the applicants may apply for an extension.
  7. Once construction is completed and a final inspection has been passed, an inspector from our office will inspect the site. If the inspection is passed a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.

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